ICPIT Calendar of Events

This calendar for PI, EI, PPI and PEI related events and trainings has been drawn up by the Dirk Marivoet at the ICPIT Secretariat and is based on the responses received from Trainers – only trainers sending information have been included. All active trainers (Members of ICPIT) giving workshops and trainings are invited to send information for inclusion to: Dirk Marivoet, Toekomststraat 99, Gent (Sint-Amandsberg), Belgium. Phone/fax: +32 (0)92284911 Secretariat@ICPIT.info


Elisabeth Renner & Bertram Schäffler
Training programs in Postural Integration.
Workshops in Pelvic-Heart Integration
+43 676 312 19 29
E-Mail: info@ohanamana.at
Website: www.bodymindintegration.atwww.ohanamana.at


Dirk Marivoet: The Institute of Bodymind Integration

  • offers Postural Integration® & Energetic Integration® training (4-5+ years of training with certification in Postural Integration® + in Energetic Integration®): with Dirk Marivoet and ICPIT-guest teachers.
  • Introduction workshops in Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Pelvic-Heart Integration® (also with Elisabeth Renner) in Dutch (English and French on invitation)
  • Groupsupervision for bodypsychotherapists
  • Individual sessions in Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration®, Pelvic-Heart Integration® and Core-Energetics
  • A variety of ongoing evening workshops in holistic bodywork and body psychotherapy

  • Contact:
    email: info@bodymindintegration.com
    web: www.bodymindintegration.com + www.bodypsychotherapy.info (see for all dates)
    Phone/fax: +32-9-2284911


Claude Vaux et Eliane Jung:

  • L'IFCC est le premier institut de thérapie psycho-corporelle en Europe agréé par l'EAP, pour préparer ses étudiants au Certificat Européen de Psychothérapie (CEP).
  • La méthode enseignée est l'Intégration Posturale Psychothérapeutique (PPI). Elle a été validée selon les critères scientifiques de l'EABP et de l'EAP.
  • La formation se déroule sur 4 années à raison de 30 jours par an regroupés en 5 séminaires d'une durée moyenne de 6 journées. Pour tout renseignement complémentaire:

Pour tout renseignement complémentaire:


Bernhard Schlage
3 year Postural Integration training
Contact: Bildungsverein Hannover, Tel: +49 511 344 144,
email: info@bildungsverein.de
Web: www.bildungsverein.de

Bernhard Schlage
Tel: +49 511 161 4211
email: post@bernhardschlage.de
Web: www.bernhardschlage.de

Silke Ziehl:
Contact: Entelia Institut, München
Tel: +49-89 44 71 84 83
email: info@entelia.de
Web: www.entelia.de

Great Britain

 Silke Ziehl:

  • 1-year Foundation in Deep Bodywork Training - 24 days in 6 weekend units

  • Weekend Workshops in Deep Bodywork:
    • Weekend Workshops in Pulsing Massage
    • Continuing Practitioner Development Workshops:

    Tel: +44 7764 200 113
    email: info@entelia.com
    Web: www.entelia.com






Carmine Piroli

Energetic Integration-Postural Integration-Pelvic Heart Integration


email: c.piroli@libero.it
web: www.unicounselling.org
and http://www.unicounselling.org/

Massimo Soldati:
Corso di Formazione di Integrazione Posturale e Bodywork Transpersonale led by Massimo Soldati in Milan
tel. +39/02-29527815
e-mail: maxsol@tin.it
web: www.integrazioneposturale.it

Bruno Valente
Sessions; trainings in Psychiatric Bodywork
Contact: Caserta +39/3397249651


Rosa Maria Sevilla:
sessions, workshops and trainings in PI and EI, in Mexico City and Guadalajara
Contact: +52/
email: sevilla.rosamaria@gmail.com

South Africa

Bev Wilkinson
3 year PI Training Program in Johannesburg
email: bgw@mweb.co.za
Tel/Fax: +27 (0)11.673.5217

USA & Canada

Martyne Viens
sessions California
Tel: + 1-415-721-7509
email: martynev@sbcglobal.net