ICPIT - The International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers is devoted to guiding and supporting the trainers in Postural Integration, Energetic Integration, Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration, Psychotherapeutic Energetic Integration.

The members of the council are themselves Postural and/or Energetic and/or Psychotherapeutic Postural and/or Psychotherapeutic Energetic Integration trainers and realize that they need to consult and share with each other, not only to establish guidelines for the training of practitioners but also to sustain their own commitment, creativity and enjoyment in teaching.

Council Members - see Members and Officers page


Council Officers. President: Eliane Jung France; Vice-President: Silke Ziehl England/Germany, Secretariat: Dirk Marivoet Belgium.

Committees and sub-committees:

· Bodymind-Psychotherapy committee :
                Coordinator: Clauce Vaux France,
Committee Members, Dirk Marivoet Belgium, Silke Ziehl England/Germany, Arnolt Verschuren Holland, Carmine Piroli Italy, Massimo Soldati Italy, Bernhard Schlage Germany, Rosa Maria Sevilla Mexico

· Bodymind self-development/self-discovery committee.

    Coordinator: Beverley Wilkinson South Africa
    Committee Members: Niall O'Siochain Germany, Martyne Viens USA, Bruno Valente Italy.

· Ethics committee:

    Coordinator for bodymind psychotherapy ethics: Silke Ziehl England/Germany
    Coordinators for bodymind self-development ethics: Niall O'Siochain Germany
    Committee Members: Henne Arnolt Verschuren Holland, Eliane Jung  France, Silke Ziehl England/Germany, Niall O'Siochain Germany.

Council meetings. The Council has been meeting yearly since its beginning and has currently 24 active members, who are representative of trainings in 12 countries. Each year the council meets in a different location - eg San Tropez (France), Amsterdam (Holland), Strasbourg (France), Rimini (Italy), Villersexel (France), Klagenfurt (Austria), Lauingen (Germany), Lucern (Switzerland), Mallorca (Spain), Venice (Italy), Ghent (Belgium), Gallese (Italy), Melaque (Mexico), Herrliberg (Switzerland), La Bresse (France), San Donato (Italy) -- and deals with different issues of the PI, EI, PPI, PEI community.

There are other Postural / Energetic / Psychotherapeutic Postural and Psychotherapeutic Energetic Integration trainers not currently members of ICPIT and therefore not authorized by the Council nor by the Centre for Release and Integration (ICRI) to give trainings in Postural Integration (PI), Energetic Integration (EI), Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration (PPI) or Psychotherapeutic Energetic Integration (PEI). Some people who are no longer current members have retired and are not giving trainings. Some of them may rejoin the Council in the future.


Professional Training of Practitioners. During recent years the Council has worked toward the goal of trainings which are holistic in approach, comprise a minimum of 700 hours for Postural / Energetic Integration Self-Development and 1060 for Postural / Energetic Integration Psychotherapy and include supervised work with training-clients.

Professional Supervision of Trainers. The Council has also set requirements for practitioners becoming Trainers in PI, EI, PPI, PEI: advanced certification as Master Practitioner, apprenticeship as Helper and Assistant Trainer, demonstration of organizing and teaching capacity, as well as emotional maturity, communication skills, longterm leadership ability, and in the case of Psychotherapeutic Trainings, good psychotherapeutic skills.


Reviewing and Sharing Training Methods and Theories. As a diverse group of teachers and therapists, ICPIT brings together a rich reservoir of knowledge and experience. The application of new ideas or modification of old methods is needed in an approach as powerful and holistic as the Postural Integration, Energetic Integration, Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration, Psychotherapeutic Energetic Integration. The Council members share and evaluate a significant variety of teaching systems and methods.

Therapy and Personal Sharing. The members of the Council recognize that in order to sustain their effectiveness as trainers, it is important that they work with their own feelings and attitudes as they take on multiple roles as individuals, teachers, therapists and students. The Council meetings include time given to individual problems concerned with such themes as dealing with trainer efficiency, joy, burnout, or trainers’ use and abuse of personal power.


ICPIT News & Research Reports. Through our internet newsletters ICPIT communicates not only its projects and developments, but also invites trainers, practitioners and clients to share their successes and problems in PI, EI, PPI and PEI. In addition it supports publication of research into PI, EI, PPI, PEI.

International Practitioners List.We are updating our list of active practitioners of the various modalities in all the countries. If you would like to find a practitioner in your area, the ICPIT Secretariat can refer you to a practitioner or alternatively to the practitioner association and/or to the trainer/s in your country.

Organizing Bodymind Congresses. In order to further its goals of communication, sharing and creativity, ICPIT organizes from time to time a congress to which both professionals and anyone interested in bodymind work are invited. In 1994 "The Disciplined and Loving Touch" was held at Castle Grammmont in France. In 2003 “The world as my Body” was organized in Mexico. Another congress is in the planning stage.

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