Pelvic-Heart Integration (PHI) is a method that focusses on various dimensions of sexuality and love. 

Pelvic-Heart Integration (PHI) is a holistic, comprehensive technology for transformation which emphasises the power of sexual energy and the ways in which our culture frequently distorts the natural flow of orgasmic energy. As a result, it provides a valuable framework for sexual healing -- both in the sens of unraveling sexual dysfunction and in the sense of restoring trust and harmony between men and women.

Practitioners of Pelvic-Heart Integration® (EI) are trained to work in a respectful and interactive manner with their clients. They use a variety of somatic (bodywork) methods – breath and deep tissue work, focusing on the body and self-awareness techniques, as well as emotional expression. The practitioners of Pelvic-Heart Integration need to be able to bring professional knowledge and experience tempered by their ability to bring themselves with personal feelings and attitudes held (in a self-aware manner) into the exchange with the clients.

The International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT) is devoted to guiding and supporting the trainers of practitioners who will use professional skills and personal power with integrity. A number of members of the council are themselves Pelvic-Heart Integration® trainers and realize that they need to consult and share with each other, not only to establish guidelines for the training of practitioners but also to sustain their own commitment, creativity and pleasure in teaching. Click here for full info on ICPIT 


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