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I, ..........................................................................., a certified Trainer in Postural Integration, agree to:

1. I agree to comply with the Articles of Association of ICPIT and to offer all the Core Curriculum Courses designated in the 'Guidelines for the Training of Postural Integration Practitioners'.

I understand that I am free to modify the contents within the frame of items 2), 3) and 4) set out below, but understand that each of the core curriculum courses is important to the training. If I find I am not qualified to give a certain course I will find a qualified person to conduct that part of the training.

2.I agree to include all four elements of PI in my training - energetic work including breath and movement work, deep tissue work, emotional work, integration of the self and into society

3. I accept the ICPIT recommendation for a training of a minimum of 700 hours over three phases, which includes work with training-clients and supervision.

4. I further agree that however specialized parts of my training may become, that my overall goal is to help the student become a practitioner who works with the simultaneous unity of the 4 elements of our work, namely energetic work including breath and movement work, deep tissue work, emotional work, and integration of the self and into society.

5.I agree to include in the teaching of PI, work with breath, emotion, charging, discharging and the energetic cycle but not to call this work Energetic Integration unless I am a qualified Energetic Integration Trainer.

6. I will make clear in all my advertising and brochures the structure of the three-phase training program to become a full PI practitioner.

7.I agree that a PI training is not to be presented (publicised, advertised) as a subservient part of another training. This does not exclude it being presented alongside other trainings which are part of a larger program, but it is not to be given as only a technique which is part of another diploma.

8.Notify the ICPIT secretariat and the local trainer/s 6 months in advance of my intention to give a PI training, or when publicity first goes out

9. Verify prior to the beginning of a training that all the applicants for my training have read and agreed to an "Agreement for Students" based on the ICPIT Draft Agreement for Students.

10. Require each student to keep a dossier of work for certification, including appropriate forms, photographs, drawings, journal entries, reports on work with training-clients, etc. The student must submit a copy of this dossier to me before being certified.

11. Require applicant who wishes certification as practitioner to write a 10-page report on the experience of working with training-clients in Phase III and to submit a copy of this report to me and to send a copy to ICPIT.

12. I accept the responsibility to give adequate supportive supervision to my students in working with their training-clients up to graduation. I understand the importance of supporting and encouraging the new graduates to continue with supervision.

13.I agree that the diploma requirements given to students conform with the ICPIT Guidelines for Training.

14. I agree that Diplomas will be issued by ICPIT and I will indicate this in the training literature.

15. I agree to inform my students of the existence of ICPIT and it’s website, the National Associations, and to encourage them to take part in the international community of PI practitioners.

Sign and return one copy to the ICPIT secretariat and keep a copy for your records.



Trainer's Signature ...................................................  Date ........................

PI Trainer Agreement Form (2010)